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HR Officer - Talents Acquisition Division

Benefits offered by the employer
-Attractive salary
-Private health insurance
-Modern space for carrying out the activity
-Private department, separate offices
-IT devices supported by the company
-Business travel expenses paid by the company
-Employee relocation budget
-Constant salary bonuses
-Holiday tickets for performance
-The possibility of rapid advancement in the hierarchy and courses paid by the company for additional specializations


-Higher education BAC + 3 or BAC + 5 depending on the graduated educational institution
-Specialization in the field of Psychology, Human Resources (or experience in the field for at least 7 years )
-Ability to objectively analyze a CV, based on the candidate's experience, education and abilities, without judging on the basis of subjective criteria like: friendships, nationality, gender, religion, etc (such disciplinary violations of the employment contract entail the termination of the contract with the company)
-A clean self-image on social media
-Availability to work according to a very strict schedule 
-Approaching a formal protocol outfit every working day
-Travel availability, the desire to be immunized with the anti-COVID vaccine is mandatory, because the position will require performance courses and HR departments meeting at the company's headquarters in Prague
-EU citizenship is not required
-Knowledge of English at C1-C2 level any other European language is a benefit


-Provide counseling on policies and procedures
-Be actively involved in recruitment by preparing job descriptions, posting ads and managing the hiring process
-Assisting new employees outside the area of residence with relocation or documents required for work visas
-Assist in performance management processes
-Maintain employee records (attendance, EEO data etc.) according to policy and legal requirements

Additional details

We want staff who can do evaluation objectively and professionally, reason for which, for the application, please send the following attachments in the same electronic PDF document(ENG):
CV+COVER LETTER+and the answers to the following questions:

I. What criteria would you use to choose the CV of a candidate for the following positions
A. Event Director
B. Marketing or Finance Director (choose an option for which to formulate the answer)
C. Communication or Lobby Officer (choose an option for which to formulate the answer)
II. How long it takes to evaluate a resume at first glance? And what details do you focus on?
III. How do you check the data from a CV included in the shortlisted?
IV. After the selection stage, how many CVs would you present to your superiors from a hypothetical number of 30 submitted

Applications that will not have all the requirements included in the electronic document WILL NOT BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT

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